Tech 21 VT Bass 1969 Head


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Command the band to a new level of groove.

What do you do when you’ve made a bass pedal that players can’t get enough of? You strap a pair of them together, add a power section, and step back. Packing the front-end, tone-shaping smarts of not one, but two SansAmp Character Series VT Bass pedals, we goosed the juice, dimed the horsepower and created a set of muscle amps. These crazy-flexible rigs put it out there With enough clean, quiet power to fill arenas, kill hyenas and overwhelm continents.

These twin-channel heads are brilliant solutions to creating distinctive tones based on our hugely popular pedal. The heart of the VT Bass 1969 is the analog warmth of the SansAmp emulation circuitry that was designed to recreate the powerful tones of SVT-style bass stacks. Like the Character Series VT Bass pedal, each channel allows players to dial in their tone With a potent three-band EQ section and a full-range Drive control. The unique Character control alters the entire sonic structure of the channel, so you can dial in just the Right amount of sass. Create detailed, deep tones from juicy clean funk to ripping indie rock and all the way to the kind of industrial distortion that nightmares are made of.

Both of the fully-independent channels feature master Level controls to preset their outputs.The VT Bass 1969 head also features a Gain switch to juice low output pickups or tame active basses, and a SansAmp XLR Direct Output for DI solutions both live and in the studio. Additional pro touches include an effects loop, a buffered Tuner Output and a rackmount kit. The included triple-function footswitch is phantom-powered and enables channel switching between your two hottest tones, muting, and a Mix switch to combine both channels for truly mindblowing complex tones.

When it’s time to hit the road, make sure you have the ride to take you there. Rule the low-strung kingdom With tower of power tones from the VT Bass 1969.

Features & Specs

  • SansAmp XLR Output works like a built-in direct box to deliver the true tone of the amp to the PA desk or studio board Without compromising detail, warmth or responsiveness.
  • The XLR is switchable from -20dB to 0dB.
  • Gain is a 10dB gain boost to set up the pre-amp for different pickups. For example, With lower output passive pickups, you can have punchier sounds With Gain engaged. Conversely, With higher output active pickups, you can have a cleaner sound With Gain disengaged.
  • Effects Loop.
  • Tuner Output is an independent buffered output to provide a constant unaffected signal.
  • Neutrik Speakon® outputs.
  • Rackmount Kit
  • Input Impedance: 1MOhm
  • Nominal Input Level: -20dBu
  • Optimal Output Load: 4 Ohms
  • Power Output: 300W (RMS)
  • Effect Loop Input Impedance 1MOhm
  • Maximum Effect Loop Input* approx. -6dBu
  • Nominal Effect Loop Output Impedance 1KOhm
  • Nominal Effect Loop Output* approx. -10dBu
  • Nominal XLR Output* 0 to -10dBu
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 600W
  • AC Input Power: 100V, 117V, 230V, 240V
  • NOTE: AC power cannot be switched. See authorized dealer/distributor for voltage modification information.
  • Cycles:
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 17”w x 3.5”h x 10”d
  • weight: 23 lbs
Brand Tech 21

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